Nieuw Future’s greatest asset is its staff: an inspiring, agile, and innovative team of seasoned leaders, dedicated professionals, emerging talent, and specialists. Through the combined experience and knowledge of our team, we are able to solve even the most complex engineering and construction problems and accomplish our clients’ goals. EnTech aims to help every employee achieve his or her full potential by providing rewarding and challenging experience on meaningful projects.


Community is at the root of all our work. We strive to improve the quality of daily life, and enhance connectivity within communities through the construction of parks, streets, and other public spaces. We work to connect communities through the construction and rehabilitation of roads, bridges, airports, and transit facilities. Through our extensive work with water resources, we help to preserve public health and allow communities to thrive.

Environment and Resilience

Respecting and protecting the environment is core to our mission. Nieuw Future was founded in 2020 as an environmental services consulting firm, and environmental engineering remains one of our key practices. We work to increase sustainability, preserve natural resources, mitigate and remediate environmental hazards, and increase the resilience of our street grids, public facilities, and infrastructure against climate change and extreme weather.

Technology and Efficiency

We believe in the potential of technology to help build better and improve workflow. Our industry-leading Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) practice uses Building Information Modeling (BIM), 4D modeling, visualizations, reality capture, and other leading-edge technologies to design and construct complex projects efficiently and cost-effectively.


We embrace diversity and inclusion. We value the different perspectives, backgrounds, and expertise found within our workforce, as well as among our clients, teaming partners, and the communities that we serve. We put these principles into practice by fostering a workplace where our differences are not only accepted but honored, allowing us to truly work together to help projects succeed.


Nieuw Future is proud to be a trusted partner to dozens of public agencies, partner firms, and contractors. Our mission is to contribute to the growth of our infrastructure and communities by consistently being a value-adding member of design and construction teams. We pride ourselves on our commitment to understanding the unique needs and constraints of both projects and our clients.


Our company’s greatest responsibility is the health and safety of our employees and of those who are impacted by our projects. Nieuw is committed to fostering an environment on worksites and in our office where safety is a top consideration throughout all project stages. Our employee-led safety program, focused on active individual and collaborative leadership, unites employees in achieving accident-free environments.

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